Author Topic: Protracted Member here - ready to try something - what do you suggest?  (Read 430 times)


Hi, everyone.
I need to try something for depression from benzo brain damage. I also suffer from depersonalization and unreality and anxiety (and many other symptoms, but I want to focus on these).

I might be seeing my doc tomorrow - and since he charges so much to see me I want to come to him armed with ideas of things to try (yes, I'm willing to consider pills - I'm 7 years off benzos and that desperate for a cure).

I know many people here tried many different things but it's too hard for me to read each and every post and figure out what to try. Can anyone who was successful with any treatment for depression and other emotional symptoms of WD - specifically of WD - please share what they tried so I can give those ideas to my doc tomorrow?

Very appreciated!

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