Author Topic: Endurance training is a great "medication" for depression  (Read 1279 times)


Re: Endurance training is a great "medication" for depression
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Wish I had the urge to exercise. I've always been a sedentary blob even in my better days so now I'm trying to compel myself to move around an do something, even just a walk around the house (too hot outside!)

And ugh...

Time to be a lump on the couch more.

A word of advice: exercise even if you don't feel like it. It's necessary for your mental health.

A short walk is good for beginners, but you'll need to increase the intensity of your exercise to get the best results in your mental health.

In my opinion, running, swimming and cycling are the best activities for this goal, but both need intensity for best results. It's not easy at first, but your body and mind will get used to it and you will create this powerful healthy habit.  :thumbsup:
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