Moderation and Management Roles

Senior Administrator

The Senior Administrator is involved in all aspects of running the forum, including making all management decisions as well as working closely with the owner of the forum when necessary.


Administrators take care of the technical aspects of running the forum, are in overall charge of the team and community, and liaise between the wider team and the Senior Administrator.

Senior Moderator

Senior Moderators provide direction for the moderation and wider team. They operate the ban system, restrict problem accounts, and assign new Moderators, Chat Mods, Gatekeepers, etc.


Moderators keep the forum organized by moving threads to more appropriate boards, approve new accounts, help keep the peace and the community safe, and enforce rules where necessary.

The Senior Team

The "senior team" refers to Administrators and Senior Moderators. It is not a formal role or title.

Other Team Roles

BB Team

Usually, BB Team are ex-Administrators/Moderators (but not always) that wish to continue contributing to the team and community, but without specific duties to perform. The BB Team role does not provide access to the formal moderation areas, but they do possess moderation powers within the chat room and they can approve new membership accounts.


Gatekeepers have the ability to approve new membership accounts. Membership approval is not a formal procedure. It is about us ensuring that new accounts are not operated by spammers. Having many team members able to approve new accounts helps ensure the timely approval of new accounts.


The Documentation team help develop new material for the website and forum. Members are welcome to participate too.


Developers assist with technical development of the BenzoBuddies forum and website.

Non-Team Roles


A guest or visitor is a non-member that has yet to join the community. Guests cannot post to our forum, though you might, just occasionally, come a cross a post to the forum that has been posted by a guest. This occurs when a member has requested deletion of their account


Registrants have created an account with the community, but have yet to introduce themselves and have their account 'approved'. Until approved, they cannot post anything except their introduction (to the Membership Approval Board), nor use the PM (Personal Message) system, the chat room, shoutbox, etc.


Once a Registrant has posted their introduction and had their account approved, they become a full member, carry the title 'Buddie', and have full access to all the forum boards and features.